Senior Management at Kickstarter: Recognition Now

A letter to Senior Management at Kickstarter from Some Former Kickstarter Staffers

Kickstarter Staff Alumni
2 min readOct 3, 2019


Senior Management at Kickstarter:

We are former employees of Kickstarter. We helped build Kickstarter, we fostered its community, and collectively we’ve launched and backed thousands of projects. We did this work and used the platform because we believed in Kickstarter’s mission of bringing creative projects to life. With its re-incorporation from a C-Corp to a PBC, Kickstarter declared its intent to hold itself to a higher standard, and focus on the impact of its decisions on society.

So we call on you, senior management, to follow through on Kickstarter’s commitment to doing better by society, its community, and its staff. Kickstarter United is prepared to demonstrate majority support and has asked you for voluntary recognition of the union. We call on you now to recognize.

We are watching. The world is watching. The actions you take can help create a more equitable workplace, platform, and world.


Aaron Robbs
Alex Kennedy
Alexander Cox
Andrew Nichols
Ashley Chu
Aurora Thornhill
Ben Linsay
Brandon Williams
Brett Camper
Brian Abelson
Carol Benovic-Bradley
Carson Baker
Catie Myers-Wood
Cedric Howe
Chase Pashkowich
Chloe Imus
Chris Muccioli
Christine Tadler
Cindy Au
Clarissa Redwine
Dan Schoenbrun
Dana Haynes
Dane Cardiel
Daniel Drabik
David Koenig
David Peter
Ellen Chisa
Emily Reese
Emma Tangoren
Erik Kastner
George Schmalz
Gina Binetti
Ian Scott
Jackson Lynch
Jeremy Salfen
Jessica Harllee
John Dimatos
Julie Swoope
Justine Lai
Katherine Pan
Katie Needs
Kevin Showkat
Kevin Yeh
Lance Ivy
Lindsey Smith
Lissette Martinez
Logan McDonald
Lorrie Doriza
Maren Mitchell
Maris Kreizman
Michael Stewart
Molly Neuman
Nafeesa Davis
Natalie Ung
Nicole He
Nicole Yeo
Nigel Warren
Niina Pollari
Noah Feehan
Rebecca Poulson
Ryan Closner
Saarim Zaman
Sam Hockley-Smith
Samuel Cole
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo
Sarah Williams
Sophia Ng
Stephanie Coleman
Stephen Celis
Steve Klise
Suz Hinton
Taylor Moore

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