Just Get Started

The last few days I have continued to hear over & over, just get started. Jump in & figure it all out later. But what is it I’m trying to figure out. A new career? What does that even mean anymore? Am I looking for acceptance? Direction? A business idea?

Honestly, I think I’m looking for & needing a new outlet. As a mom & wife- which is great! I have a need to continue to be creative. Being creative takes time & I have managed to forget to give myself time to be creative. I have nanoseconds when I feel it- I hear a good song, or someone says something witty & it triggers something in me that yells, “OH YEAH! I’ve been meaning to do something about this feeling..” But I don’t. I get tired, I get busy- I get pulled in a different direction by a sticky fingered, but cute, kid. Yet I always feel it- the need to do something. To be CREATIVE.

So, I’m writing! Maybe no one will read it & that’s ok! I am writing for an audience of one- me! And it feels good & I need to put on some good music too! Ahh, Tycho.

Anyway, here it is. Here is my “just get started.” This will become more than just this- or so I hope. Either way, it feels great. I’m doing something for me. I’m unplugging from mom-hood & wife-hood for just a second to just be me.

Hmm, what’s next? Not sure, but you better believe I will be just getting started.

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