Companies I have a favor to ask you.
No more lengthy unpaid homework assignments.
Homework assignments should be 2 hours MAX.
If any longer or directly related to your company’s product, it should be paid.

As the founder of HireClub, I’ve heard many reports of candidates being asked to do homework assignments as part of the interview process.

While I think skills assessment is great tactic to use for hiring folks, asking people to work for free on your product is deeply unethical.

Best Practices

A. Homework assignments completely unrelated to the company’s products of less than 2 hours. Totally great! Assess…

I started HireClub in 2011 with just 25 of my friends That’s relatively ancient in internet times.

It was just an idea. We didn’t plan to make money nor build a business.

Overtime it grew, it helped me find amazing people to hire and helped others find jobs.

Fast. To this day it’s one of the fastest ways I know to find work. Sometimes same day.

We’ve always had a set of rules to make sure people are just kind to each other. Paying it forward.

We started seeing more and more job referrals happening.

We also started seeing more…

Before San Francisco

Before your job, before your apartment, before your credit card and your bank account and before college and before relationships and before middle school.

Before any of that, you were free.

Summer days were endless.

You’d get up at whatever time your mom yelled at you to and drink OJ straight from the carton, put on your pumps and head straight to the court with your crew.

Before you cared about what brand your jeans were, before you knew what stress was, before you thought about the relentless march of male pattern baldness.

You were free.


I want to shatter this myth that if you somehow are earning money on the side while trying to build your startup you are not committed.

There’s a set of people who come from a very privileged place that can raise money for their startups at the drop of a hat and they can work full time on their startup, and you know what that’s great for them.

But I think there’s deep dark secret that a lot of founders don’t even want to tell the world, that hey my startup isn’t paying my full salary yet and I need…

The singer from the Cranberries died today.

I remember that song Linger really well.

I was 16 and somehow met this girl named Melissa who was 17. She lived in Rockville, Maryland and liked Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. A theater girl.

We had our first date in Georgetown, she wanted to go see Schindler’s List. Ya I know.

I think had a tape walk man and we shared headphones walking around by the water in Georgetown listening to Linger.
It was stupidly adorable.

I remembering a white flannel, grunge was big back then. I had long hair and she smelled…

Today HireClub hit 20,000 members.

That’s 20,000 people that will encourage and support you in your job search.

That’s 20,000 people that can help you in your career.

That’s 20,000 friends helping each other find jobs.

Now while this number might represent a quantity, HireClub as a community is of a quality that I’ve never seen before. Kind. Open. Welcoming. Even when we disagree we are polite.

When I started in HireClub in 2011, I had no grand plan or vision for what it could be. I just wanted to find amazing talent. …


You lived and died by your Walkman. Even now years later I still remember the order of songs, ACDC She Shook Me All Night Long into Welcome to the Jungle into Kickstart my heart.

We lived in a white trash apartment complex in Richmond, Virginia. It was the shape of a square with the apartment clubhouse in the center. You had to drive up a curvy hill to get to the center entrance and our 3 bedroom was on the bottom left. My 3 sisters shared a room and I had my own. It’s odd how my memory has…

Finding Work

I want to talk about something a little different. I know many of you are out there, hustling to find a job. And it gets brutal on your psyche when the job you want doesn’t work out or it takes longer than you would like to even get noticed. It’s crazy hard to hear you aren’t the right fit or they went with someone else and work affects so much of your perception of yourself. You are not alone in this.

One of the darkest times in my life was during the first dot com and my startup…

I had a simple idea this morning. Whoever wins the Democratic nomination should offer the position of running mate to the loser.

If Bernie Sanders wins, he would find no better Vice President candidate then Hilary Clinton. If Hilary Clinton wins, she would find no better Vice President candidate than Bernie Sanders.

Politics in America are extremely divisive and I think most Americans are tired of the hate and animosity spewed on the airwaves. A Trump candidacy is a real threat which most sane minded folks are rightly scared of. We’re seeing Republicans fall over each other in childish debates…

I grew up in Virginia in the 80s. I didn’t realize my skin color was different until I was 10 years old at the swimming pool and some old white lady complimented me on my tan.

American schools are brutal even if you are white. Turban head, camel jockey, sand nigger. You name it I’ve been called it. People said my house smelled “funny” (It was the Indian cooking).

So I did what probably thousands of other people in a culture not like their own did, I assimilated. I tried to change my name to Keith because people couldn’t pronounce…

Ketan Anjaria

Designer, Writer and Founder of @hireclub. I like to create things.

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