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How To Be Happy

Simple steps to lead a simple and content life.

7. Stop checking email in the morning.

She’s Not Only Beautiful

Yes my daughter is beautiful. But she’s not just beautiful because of her looks.

Time and time again when I post photos of our adventures on Facebook, from men and women alike, there’s gracious compliments on her beauty.




it’s not the complication
but the hesitation

that split second
between wanting you
and wanting never to get hurt again

How Learning To Code Made Me Rich

Part 1: 1999-2003

The year is 1999. I’m 21 years old with a 3 month old baby and wife to support. I had a job supporting people with…

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Why it Sucks To Date Indians

Don’t get your Dhoti in a bunch

This is a humor article based on personal and friends’ experiences dating Indian people in America. Your

Date Who Ever The Hell You Want

I’m writing this because recently there has been a spat of articles attempting to teach what kind of man or women you should or should not date. I won’t link…

How To Handle Stress

3 steps to learn to stop worrying.

Step 1. Who’s business it?

In the Absence of Your Presence

What does it mean to miss someone?

Are they gone? Or just out of sight?

How To Network Like A Pro

Step 1. Buy a pack of gum.


Self explanatory but just in case it’s not clear: I do NOT want to smell that…



It’s never really a man’s choice.
Or at least back then it wasn’t.

But then you see her. It could be her long dark hair, her…

The Little Bird That Grew Up

How I Missed Twitter’s Flight to Stardom

From: Daryn Nakhuda, To: Fred Wilson, Ketan Anjaria