Building Community Not Just Product

Ketan Anjaria
Nov 1, 2017 · 3 min read

Today HireClub hit 20,000 members.

That’s 20,000 people that will encourage and support you in your job search.

That’s 20,000 people that can help you in your career.

That’s 20,000 friends helping each other find jobs.

Now while this number might represent a quantity, HireClub as a community is of a quality that I’ve never seen before. Kind. Open. Welcoming. Even when we disagree we are polite.

When I started in HireClub in 2011, I had no grand plan or vision for what it could be. I just wanted to find amazing talent. But since March 2017, when we hit 10,000 members, it was clear that HireClub is something special.

Tonight we celebrate 20K members. Come join us at the Great Northern, meet new friends, get a headshot, and invest in HireClub.

Let me tell you a bit about the future…

My goal is to help every single job seeking adult find their dream job.

I remember when I lost my job. The fear. The stress. I remember my marriage falling apart. At 24, trying to support my family with no income meant I was a failure.

I’ve been turned down for jobs because I don’t have a degree. I’ve been turned down for jobs because I didn’t “fit in”. Looking for a job has been one the loneliest, painful experiences I have gone through. I do not wish that on anyone else.

And this is why we are building on It’s not some cold applicant tracking system. It’s not another job site where no one responds to you.

Being a designer and developer for over 20 years, we put empathy first.

It’s not about user experience but human experience.

College students, career changers, retirees, people just getting their start, and people trying to go further than ever before, HireClub is for you.

But we can’t do this alone. Time and time again, we’ve seen the venture world invest in ideas that make a small amount of people a lot of money, but don’t have impact outside of that.

When someone tells me they found a job on HireClub, it fills my heart with joy. When someone tells me they got an interview with a company they couldn’t connect to before, I smile. When one of the 10+ people a day message me and say they are thankful for HireClub, it gives my life meaning.

So let’s do this together. Let’s take our community and build a company. Let’s show the world the 1% doesn’t decide the future.

We can invest in ourselves. We can invest and create a community and product that has impact beyond a bottom line. Until 2016, a regular person like you or me couldn’t even invest in a company pre-IPO. You had to be an accredited investor. You had to have a net worth of million or more.

Now investors are smart, they invest in what they believe in, but we are all aware that without diverse investors, we don’t get diverse products.

We’re not building an app so you can show off a selfie. We’re not building a machine where you can squeeze juice. We’re building a product that will put money in your hands, a product that will help you find a job and hire great talent.

I know there’s many of you we have already helped. By our calculations, since 2011 we’ve helped 500+ people find jobs.

If you see the value in that, Invest in HireClub. Invest in You.

Ketan Anjaria

Written by

Designer, Writer and Founder of @hireclub. I like to create things.

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