The #KidHero Challenge — Join me on my five week journey to raise a KidCitizen

Raising a KidCitizen needn’t be too cumbersome or complicated. You don’t need to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with your kids or immerse them in the ways of the ancient Mesopotamians. You are probably doing all the right things anyway — that is, when you remember to stop and do them. Let’s face it, we are all busy, and in between the school run, work, after school clubs, work, weekend clubs, work, birthday parties, work and playdates — did I mention work?- there is not much time to think about whether you have talked to your kids about poverty, or panic because you missed the perfect opportunity to talk about race. So stop, breath and try these hacks every week in your everyday life, to raise a #KidHero.


Firstly, let’s recap.

A KidCitizen is?

1) One who is kind

2) One who seeks to understand; accept and love other cultures, races and faiths

3) One who connects with nature and looks after the environment

4) One who gives back to the community

5) One who believes in equality for all, will stand up for what is right and will not stay silent in the face of injustice.

Big ideals, but they only need a small seed to be sown to grow.

So here we go, we are going to mix it up a bit.

Week one


This week, my KidCitizens and I pledge to do something for charity. We are going to volunteer our time to sort and quality check donated games and toys for Little Village to give to families in need. You can pledge to donate time or money, sign up for a fundraiser walk/activity, or you can raise awareness by talking about your cause to someone else. What will you do this week? Note you don’t have to complete the hack in the week, just make the commitment to get started and let us know. #KidHero

Raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Week two


This week, we pledge to do something to demonstrate cultural or religious awareness. We are going to try a dish from another country. Have a look at my blog post on 5 kid-friendly dishes from around the world. You can also read about different cultures or make traditional country crafts. You may even try out a traditional dance. Whatever you decide to do with your kid, make sure you have some handy facts about the country or culture you choose so that you can talk about it too. Don’t forget to tell us. #KidHero

Week three


This week, connect with nature. Collect concurs, go on a mini beast adventure, get creative with recycled materials or just take a walk in the park with your kids and stop to observe the birds, insects, sounds and textures. We are going to try as many of these as possible and give you ideas throughout the week. Tell us what you choose to do. #KidHero

Collecting concurs

Week 4


In order for our budding KidCitizens to stand up for what is right, they first need to understand the issues. This week you could talk or read about tricky issues such as race, gender equality, refugees, body security or poverty. These are all difficult issues to broach but if we don’t talk about them with our kids, then they’ll hear it from someone else and that might be worse. I will post hints and tips on how to tackle these issues, in an age appropriate way, with your kids during the week to help you. We are going to try the NSPCC’s PANTS pack to talk about body safety. Don’t worry, this one is the hardest and I’ve followed it up with a nice and easy one next week! So let us know how you get on with this one. #KidHero

Week 5


It is National Kindness Day at the start of this week. We will do some street art with chalk if it doesn’t rain. It’s one of our favourite things to do and it is so heartwarming hearing children run past our drawings screeching and giggling with delight. You could try writing a thank you note to someone, saying hello to a stranger, helping an elderly neighbour with the shopping or walking a neighbours’ dog with your kids. The options are limitless! For more ideas, check out Bernadette Russells’ books on kindness, Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy for kids and The Little Book of Kindness for adults. Let us know how you’re being kind this week. #KidHero

Inspirational stones

Tell me what your pledge is each week, or share your photos on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and cheer on your Kid Heroes, because there is a hero in every child! Tag me @KidCitizenWand or use the hashtag #KidHero.

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