I know I’ll get scorned for this, but I say Clinton’s email scandal isn’t a scandal. It was a mistake. Yes, I believe that she never knowingly sent classified information.
The News and its New Silent Majority: Clinton Supporters
Jeff Jarvis

A mistake that is the function of stupid Email Applications in general, let alone the scary state of affairs in the U.S Govt.

Email is the killer application of the Internet. It is also the most common launch-point for privacy and security compromises.

Vendors have produced horrible Email Applications that continue to compromise society at large.

Ironically, so-called journalists haven’t asked some basic questions of the State Department, and U.S. Govt in general:

[1] Why aren’t all emails digitally signed?

[2] Why aren’t Classified Emails signed and encrypted?

[3] Why aren’t special headers and filters based on said headers to ensure end-users a clear about the “classified status” of emails?

Operating two accounts via an single email package is a dangerous nightmare, with the current crop of emails packages that exist today.

We now have Email comprehension (end-user and administrator perspectives) as a qualification for the office of POTUS? You kidding me!

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