Now that we’re in a fully mobile world, I think there is a lot of room to create new experiences and connect people. What are the kinds of experiences that aren’t happening yet in mobile? What core needs do people have now that aren’t being met by our current crop of mobile and social apps?
The Next Great Platform is the One That We Already Have
Josh Elman

Here are some fundamental inescapable needs:

[1] Profile Data Management controlled by individuals as opposed to App and/or Service Providers — achievable using existing technology from the Web stack

[2] Read-Write capability that enables more individual control over both content curation and content management — today, its a one-sided affair controlled by App or Service providers

[3] Verifiable Identity — biggest impediment to Web-scale privacy which is also solved using existing Web & Internet protocols

[4] Actions as opposed to Apps, with regards to new interaction focal points — I may have a zillion apps on a device, but what’s most important to me are the Actions that these apps enable me perform rather than the individual app buttons present on my mobile device.

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