I’m against LOD, if it doesn’t follow DUCS first.
Against Linked Open Data
Keir Winesmith

I don’t think any proponent of webby structured data (a/k/a as Linked Open Data) has sought its production and publication (internally or externally) without a sense of relative quality and purpose.

Linked Open Data is simply about a Web of Data constructed from Entity Relationships represented using Hyperlinks (HTTP URIs) as Entity, Entity Type, and Entity Relationship Type Identifiers.

The 5-Star Linked Open Data scheme is simply about degrees of accessibility and connectivity of structured data.

The use of Hyperlinks as an integral part of Structured Data representation isn’t an edict. It is simply a suggestion (or set of guidelines) for maximizing the Web’s essence as part of any structured data representation endeavor.

Ideally, each person (or organization) goes through what you refer to as DUCS (relatively speaking) en route to contributing to a richer Web of Linked Data (public, private, or hybrid).

I hope my comments bring some clarity to your concerns.

[1] https://www.slideshare.net/kidehen/understanding-29894555 — Understanding Data

[2] http://5stardata.info/en/ — 5-Star Linked Open Data

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