Live Demo Links for Week Ending 19th May 2017

Introducing a new newsletter service for the time-challenged that enables re-sharing of public demo links from my weekly activities on social media.

Expressing Self Awareness using an RDF Language Sentence

This tweet demonstrates the power of expression and implicit data access that RDF provides, once properly understood as a language that enables sentence construction using hyperlinks (HTTP URIs). [LINK]

Creating RDF sentences inline, from my browser, in response to challenge

Generating a Semantic Web of Linked Data about APIs

Demonstrating how a Semantic Web is constructed from APIs that have been documented using Swagger. Why is this important? It enables dynamic generation of API interaction consoles by a Smart Agent (e.g., our soon to be released Structured Data Bot) that understand the Relationship Type Semantics in the API Web. [LINK]

Invocation Console dynamically derived from a Linked Data Web that describes an API

Google Spreadsheet about APIs generated from SPARQL Query Output (CSV)

A spreadsheet about API endpoints and their usage templates populated from a SPARQL Query Results URI. [LINK]

Language is an Artificial AI Problem

There is a strange misconception that Artificial Intelligence is challenged by Language [1].

For those intimately associated with “The Semantic Web” community and associated technology projects, the worldview has more to do with Language being an “Artificial AI” problem, bearing in mind the number of projects that not only handle Natural Language Processing but do so in multilingual fashion.


Linguistics Linked Open Data Cloud