First, #ImWithHer. Full stop. I want to be clear that I am enthusiastic about Clinton’s candidacy. I am not voting for her as the lesser of evils. I am not just voting against Donald Trump. I am not voting for her in spite of all the reasons media give not to do so. I am voting for Hillary Clinton because I respect and trust her intelligence, experience, policies, and good will. I tweeted 25 reasons (and counting) #WhyImWithHer.
The News and its New Silent Majority: Clinton Supporters
Jeff Jarvis

Mass media (in the US) has created a sad “lesser of two evils” narrative that reeks of self-interest (audience and ad revenue) and dangerous incompetence. Basically, engineer a “close election” by any means necessary.

Political plurality is vital to any thriving democracy, for sure. That doesn’t mean candidates for office of POTUS shouldn’t meet basic standards — with regards to qualifications (resume, personality [temperament, compassion, intelligence etc.], and experience).

If Hillary Clinton was a man, would “email usage speculation” [something that even tricks up so-called technical folks] be a disqualifying issue? Of course not! It would be brushed off as simply being a case of “I left that to the nerds because I don’t deal with such details and assumed they understood what they were doing!”.

In this election there is only one candidate. That has little to do with Donald Trump and everything to do with a Republican Party that’s created its own Frankenstein.

If you care an iota about the greatness of this country, I dare you to vote Trump!

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