No More Silos!

Why do we still have Data Silos pervading a medium (Web) that’s implicitly anti Silo? We ponder about accelerating cures for incurable diseases such as Cancer while ignoring the fact that our inability to access and share data lies at the root of these challenges.

Anyway, I am writing this post as a means of adding some important reference points (using #Nanotation) to the Linked Open Data driven knowledgebase behind our URIBurner service [1]:

a schema:WebPage, schema:Article, schema:BlogPosting ;
schema:name “NEJM Calls Data Scientists ‘Parasites.’ Can Joe Biden Change Their Minds?”; 
schema:about <>, <>, <>,<>, <>; 
schema:mentions <>, 
dbpedia:Joe_Biden, <>,
<>, dbpedia:Barry_Marshall, dbpedia:Cancer ; skos:related <> ; 
schema:mainEntityOfPage <> .

What I see after publishing this post, courtesy of our Structured Data Sniffer browser extension [2].

Samples of knowledgebase snippets demonstrating the effects of my note-taking:


[1] URIBurner Public Data Transformation Service & Knowledgebase
[2] OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer Browser Extension

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