I head to the platform that has proven itself the BEST place to engage with business, because the platform’s UX just gets what I want — my intent — and all the companies on that platform understand how to communicate with me on that platform.
Why The F*ck Can’t We Fix “CRM”?
John Battelle

Regarding intention, this is something you express explicitly i.e., I need or want X, within timeframe N. Or its something an agent (working on behalf of a vendor) will have to infer.

Basically, this is all about reasoning and inference based on the nature of entity relationship types (i.e. their semantics), gleaned from sources such as:

[1] Your Profile Data — ideally, curated and controlled by You

[2] Your Profile Data in the hands of 3rd parties who You have authorized to use Your Data in this manner — basically, this will need regulation like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hammer to get right


[1] https://medium.com/virtuoso-blog/web-logic-sentences-and-the-magic-of-being-you-e2a719d01f73 — Logic, Sentences, and the Magic of Being You!

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