Globalisation and automation have weakened the position of workers and their ability to secure a decent wage.
The way ahead
Pres. Obama (Archives)

We are in the midst of a global economic inflection that’s primarily driven by advances in technology. Net effect, we have a massive skills gap that can only be solved by strategic emphasis on training, at all levels.

Computer technology changes the very nature of literacy, which inevitably affects the nature of available jobs and qualifications need to pursue said jobs.

In addition to the change nature of jobs and literacy, we also have massive changes in the shape and form of capital. Again, due to technology advances, the color of capital is changing from Green to Grey i.e., Data is the “New Electricity” that drives everything, so an ability to understand and exploit data is the most important skill in the today’s workplace.

The U.S. and UK governments have made masses of data openly available to the public which (over the longterm) will create new capital for innovative startups.