We must create a journalism that mirrors the many and diverse communities and concerns in societies and convenes these communities in dialog so they can foster empathy and understanding. We must create a journalism that educates the public about the issues that matter to each other (so we must start by asking them what matters, not assuming we know). We must create a journalism that does not reduce people to numbers and colors but instead invites them into a substantive, intelligent, fruitful, and civil discussion as individuals and members of communities, not a mass. We have so many new tools to do all that. That’s what I tell my students; they are our last, best hope.
The News and its New Silent Majority: Clinton Supporters
Jeff Jarvis

Yep! Students are the hope, but I am concerned about the spread of incuriosity via social media. The Internet & Web were supposed to be tools that reduced the cost of knowledge acquisition down to basic individual curiosity. Sadly, incuriosity has become the norm and ignorance a badge of honor.

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