Category Design involves taking proactive steps to become a “Category King.” Category Kings don’t just make something to sell to people; they introduce the world to a new category of product or service. They replace our current point of view with a new point of view. Steve Jobs’s second act at Apple was largely a story of creating new categories: The pocket digital music player, the smart phone, and the tablet. Amazon AWS created a new category of dynamically available services in the cloud. Salesforce, with it’s “no software” mantra, created the beginning of cloud-based applications. Lyft and Uber created the category of ride-sharing and TNCs. Category Kings even exist outside of business….such as Elvis Presley, the original Category King of Rock and Roll.
Play Bigger — A Must-Read for Startup Founders
Mike Maples

Yep! This also triangulates nicely with strategy fundamentals such as:

  1. Innovation — what Apple has excelled at
  2. Operational Excellence — what the likes of Fedex have mastered
  3. Customer Intimacy — what most large enterprises have mastered in some form.

You also have special enterprises like Amazon that have high-level mastery of each of the items above.

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