The bots are coming. And they will be everywhere, like Facebook Messenger where they’ll be deployed to 900mm+ users. Some will deliver you tacos. Some will go on racist tirades. But here’s the thing: not all bots are created equal. While “bot” is a great over-arching term for a collection of happenings all boiling down to a trend, I think there needs to be a bit more clarity on what these things are and what they’re expected to do.
“Bot” is a hilariously over-simplified buzzword. Let’s fix that.
Matt Galligan

Yep! We can’t continue the trend of using over-simplified terms to identify extremely important things. Bots, Apps, Applications etc.. are all forms of software acting on behalf of users (humans or other so-called bots). The distinction between the human user and bot is also extremely critical to security (an eternal afterthought in the software industry).

Additional notes, using nanotation:

a schema:Comment ;
schema:name “Kingsley Idehen Comment — ‘Bot’ is a hilariously over-simplified term”;
schema:mainEntity <> ;
schema:about <>, <>, <> ;
schema:mainEntityOfPage <#this> .


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