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She feels the golden rays

While floating on the ocean

Morning mist underneath the canopy

With freedom running all over her

May this last forever she prays

As it makes her the happiest

And this time she knows it will last forever

As it is she who created it

As it is she who she trusts the most…



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Normalize expressing emotions

The good, the bad and the ugly

Normalize feeling uninhibited

Let the free spirit breathe

Normalize facing failures

Celebrate those rejections and dejections

Normalize equality between sexes

Some are meant to be more than just an inspiration

Normalize accepting mediocrity

To experience life from an unconventional lens



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To feel that warmth of a being, what a bliss it is…

To feel that touch of a skin, what a mischief it is…

To feel that sense of respect towards your body, what an honor it is…

To recreate those lost silly playful antics, what a joy it is…

To re-live those little moments with your love, what a sense of trust it is…

To enjoy that cup of morning Joe, how marvelous it is…

To feel that comfort under their arms, how exhilarating it is…

To feel LOVED again, what a luxury it is…

Oh my old soul do not feel clouded, as sunshine follows after every downpour



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Where do I go from here?

Away from my comfort space

A shift from care free to deeper introspection

With a lingering fear to face new experiences

Trying to separate distress from a new adventure

With a constant reinforcement to myself

Like a new seed that germinates through a lifecycle

Wherever I go from here, I will embrace every facet of it

Into a newer world with a primed mindset



Mridula Kidiyur

Mridula Kidiyur

A wandering mind full of random thoughts. An admirer of art, music, technology and literature.