Life at CMKL #3: Innovation Design

I have visited many museums and exhibitions in Thailand, and I love different kinds of storytelling from them. But I didn’t realize how “Interactivity” makes me love their stories.

Week #5 (9 Oct — 15 Oct 21) — Experience

I think “Experience” is the word that can describe all of the classes this week. I have new experience about how to create Virtual Worlds, how to design interaction for users, and how to manage risk.

In Building Virtual Worlds class this week, I have learned something called Unity, a development platform that can do real-time 3D projects like Games, Film, Animation, etc. And I learned a programming language called C#. Even if I have experience developing web or applications, creating a game is something new, and I’m very excited.


Last week, I had a new assignment from Fundamental of Creative Innovation class called The Room, Storytelling via Space. Imagine that you have physical or virtual space (or any platform where you can tell some story), what “message” you want to communicate with the audience, and they bring that back home. My teams consist of businessman, VFX artist, producer, musician, and me as a tech-savvy guy. We had brainstorming sessions for everyone to tell their ideas, and we voted the most exciting idea to design in more detail. And our group idea became “The Blank Room”, a room that brings you back to 14 Oct 1973 in Thailand.

Our brainstorming ideas

In Entrepreneurial Financing and Investing this week, I have learned about Risk Management, and I know that all projects always have risks. And I connected it with Innovation Design that Professor Joon taught. It consists of three parts: Human Values (usability, desirability), Technology (feasibility), and Business (viability). There’s no denying that finance or business part is essential for a project, and if you don’t think about business, maybe your project cannot be launched in real life.

Week #6 (16 Oct — 22 Oct 21) — First Meet (In person)

This week, I’ve learned how to create a 3D World with basic coding in Building Virtual Worlds class. I realized that coding is a new thing for most of my cohort, and creating a game is a new thing for me too!. Professor Kamin created a “Group of mentors” for teaching coding stuff and helping with the assignment. I think it’s enjoyable because it feels like a chain of mentors that learner will become a teacher for the next one, and in the end, everyone will understand it. So, at the end of this week, everyone can make a game that collects the coin within a limited time.

My homework in Building Virtual Worlds class.

In Entrepreneurial Financing and Investing, I learned more about type of risk and how to think about the frequency and impact of risk. And Professor Sampan showed me how to simulate the probability of risk. Because you cannot know which risks you will face in real life, you can identify your risk, calculate a score, and simulate for information that you can use to prevent a cost after some of the risks happen.

And this week, It’s good that I finally met my cohort and professors in person after seeing them online for about one month (Even though we met at the bar instead of university, lol). It was so fun that night.

Me, my cohort, and professors (Most of them already back home)

About Fundamental of Creative Innovation class, Professor Oong announced a student pitching group that we will pitch in December. I have been assigned to Ocarina with the idea of combining Blockchain with AR/VR. And our team brainstormed about final solutions and potential investors to present to Professor Oong next week. (The project’s details are confidential, so I will not write about it).




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