Dear White People…on micro/macro-aggressions…

Being black is…tiring.

Everyday black people have encounters, ranging from huge to minute that remind us that we have darker skin than our counterparts, that we’re different. That we’re black.

One example of these “aggressions” is explanations being demanded from white people of our black experiences. When we talk, tweet, facebook about these encounters, we open a window for others to peak into our lives and see what we encounter. What undoubtedly follows is being questioned by whites who don’t have those experiences, about the validity of our realities.

I’m not, however, your personal negro-Google. It’s impossible for us to truly replicate those micro/macro aggressions in a way that white people will understand. As a result, black feelings and emotions are often invalidated, simply because white people don’t understand them. There isn’t a systemic history of oppression or aggressions from black to white people. Our reality is those aggressions come from white people like you, and that systemicism is often the root of our experiences and statements.

Instead of asking us about our experiences, you immediately center yourselves in them. “Well what YOU said about racism made ME feel (guilty)!”

So? Maybe you SHOULD feel guilty. Stare down your privilege. Challenge it. Use it to be a proper ally instead of centering your whiteness in black feelings.

Most importantly, shut up and listen. You might learn something.

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