The First Social Portfolio Management Platform Is Now in the Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency market is now more interesting as the first social portfolio management platform enter the market. The platform is called CoinDash. This platform is unique because it allows users to share trading information. The platform makes users to be more socialized and to enjoy the sensation of different trading experiences. 
In CoinDash, users who need information could follow other traders and obtain information present on the account. The information available for the followers are including portfolios, performance, risk structures, and update. They can use the information to learn more about cryptocurrency trading and to copy some strategy. It will be helpful when user experience stuck in their investment or they experience uncertainty. 
On the other hand, traders should not worry if they are being followed. Although the platform is made to be more sociable, traders are able to control the information shared. However, if they choose to share information, they will get reward from CoinDash. This trade sharing revenue is a new concept in cryptocurrency market.
CoinDash is developed to make cryptocurrency investment easier for everybody, even the novices with very little knowledge and trading skills. Investment tools are also provided to make the investment much easier. Picturing trading statistics and analyze it is in a clean vision. Portfolio risk levels, distribution ratios, and many others are presented.
Every feature used that give financial value to the user will cause a fee on the platform to be paid by the user while users who facilitate the use of such features will be given reward. As the platform will involve financial value to its user, token is made to create a creator-consumer relationship between users in the system. The token is called CDT.
Since CDT is the token to pay fees on the platform, the success of the platform will influence the value of the token. Platform success means more people use it. More users mean more fees to be paid. To pay the fees, users need to buy CDT. High demand will make the price go up. 
Actually, CoinDash was in a good pace as demand for the product is on the rise. Yet, unfortunate incident occurred on the day of token sale. As the sale went public, the website was hacked; the token sale address was replaced by malicious address, and the investors sent ETH to wrong address. CoinDash suffered for big lost of total 37,000 ETH. However, the incident did not make them stop. With a ray of hope is still there, the team keep on working hard to solve the problem and develop the product to be better in the future.


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