Easy steps on how to resist all forms of drama: By Sentual Strong: April 11th, 2017

I have been through many situations that were very dramatic and unnecessary. Many people think drama is fun and importance to life. Others say that they hate drams but are the ones who form drama themselves. So for those of you who are truly trying to avoid drama, I highly recommend you follow this list I made.

  1. Never compare anything to anything when you really don’t have to.
  2. Be nice and show respect to others even when you’re in a bad mood.
  3. Work hard and focus on yourself in less you’re trying to positively help another person.
  4. Do not seek any competitions when you have no need nor reason to compete.
  5. If you are in a competition, show respect to your opponent and don’t do or say any dirty things to your opponent.
  6. Always try not to argue or fight at any situation.
  7. Do not gossip about others when you do not have to.
  8. Forgive others and don’t hold grudges.
  9. Be fair and show equality at any given moment.
  10. Do not be afraid to say “NO” if you feel uncomfortable about something.
  11. Try to ignore any negative remarks from any person.
  12. Do not stare at someone when you don’t have to.
  13. Never target specific people when they done nothing wrong.
  14. Walk away if you know trouble is around you.
  15. Never start any drama or arguments.
  16. Never be jealous of others.
  17. Don’t spread rumors or pies about another individual or product.
  18. Don’t insult people or what they own.
  19. Do not be mean to others and try to have a positive attitude.
  20. Do not seek attention when you don’t have to and try to do everything you’re suppose to at your very best effort.
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