Seven positive benefits from watching horror films and learning from horror films: By Sentual Strong: April 16th, 2017.

Now I know that many people would see this title and think, “there’s benefits from watching scary movies?” Others would think, “I love me some horror films but I don’t think that there is any benefits from watching scary films.” Well, as crazy and odd as it sounds there are several good things you can gain from watching scary movies. In many paragraphs, I am going to explain these benefits. Even though I am not a expert on horror films, I actually learned many things from them that anybody can.

One benefit from watching scary movies is that it exposes how trusting strangers could be a harmful thing to do. Many films that deals with kidnappings or stalkers giving out information to a under cover killer and not realizing that you can’t just trust anyone. It is OK to get to know other people and be friendly, but always keep in mind that you can’t instantly give out personal information about yourself or someone else. So until you have at least 3 weeks or so of learning about an individual, don’t give out any hidden or personal information. Also, don’t go anywhere with a person alone that is a stranger to you so you can avoid danger.

Secondly, horror movies make your brain work harder from many psychology professors in the University of Wisconsin. It has been scientifically proven that people become smarter and more mature after watching a good amount of scary movies, especially true for women. Based on the research, while women watch horror movie, their brain releases the neurotransmitters dopamine, glutamate and serotonin which eventually increase their brain activity and make them more alert for a while. When a situation occurs in life that you’ve seen in a horror movie, you would know how to avoid a possible outcome from learning from a character’s mistake from a film. Horror movies will make you appreciate life more and feel less depressed about not getting what you want sometimes because being alive is better than being dead or tortured for most individuals, right?

Thirdly, horror movies can help make your immune system better. The fear from the films would allow the stress or words you’ve been holding in release from anxiety sometimes. Example, let’s say you had a busy day at work but you weren’t able to say or express your emotions because of you being nervous. Later you come home and watch a scary film that causes you to scream or jump in a way you were thinking about from before. Sometimes it is best to release our stress harmlessly just by screaming or watching something that causes us to jump out our skin.

Forth, scary movies put you in a state of mind to know when to react and how to react in life situations. Horror movies will get you to realize that you can’t always be alone and expect to get by in life. Than you will get the, “survival asset.” Which is when you have the will to not always overachieve or fly under the radar but to just be glad that you survive through any problem no matter how much you contribute to something. When you watch or notice something in your environment and keeping that issue in your mind for futuristic actions( which occur a lot in horror movies), could be a huge benefit as well.

Another benefit to catch from horror movies is to remain on your guard. Many people who love to look at life with many perspectives generally have high grades from high school and further proven from Leiden University researchers. That’s because the mind set most horror movie fans have is to always look for another solution out of a crisis or a average problem. People have the tendency to not care about things too much than and end up with bad results from that. Horror movie fans worry until something that isn’t right get’s fixed than they choose to move on or not from that point.

Sixth, is that horror movies can help people cure they’re phobias in life. A lot of therapist use horror movies and their setting to help patients over come their phobias or personal fears. Most people must eventually face their fears to not be fear by them anymore. Example, is when I use to be very fearful of going out to parties and being pure pressure by other people to drink or smoke. In February of this year I went out with some friends and someone asked me if I wanted to drink and I said in a nervous tone, “no.” From that point people left me alone at the party and no one tried to pure pressure me again. Some fears must be rejected and others need to be confronted so that they could leave you alone. If I can face my fears so can anyone else in this world.

Lastly, horror movies can draw you closer to your religion, people, or even yourself. If you haven’t notice a lot of people want to adventure off to the unknown without a phone or some way to contact another person if needed than they end up being killed or hurt. Knowing to have a close relationship with someone or even being comfortable with yourself could give you the will to use the support if needed. So rather it’s a phone, a taser, a Bible, or even a person just know that someone needs you and you need someone else to survive in this world.

There are many times that people think that horror movies are a sin or it makes people do bad things. When really it’s the people alone that choose to make bad choices through out this world. I know there are some disadvantages in watching horror movies but to be honest their are actually more advantages in watching horror movies than disadvantages. I am a Christian myself and I won’t lie I really love horror movies. So no matter what race, age, or gender you can pick out a negative or a positive lesson from watching any horror movie.

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