Foodie Families —Cooking & Sharing Food with your Family

We’re super excited to introduce our Family Food theme, which we’re affectionately calling Foodie Families.

If you’re like us, family food & eating can sometimes be an absolute delight but at other times, a struggle at best.

It can be stressful just thinking up something quick & easy but healthy for tea & don’t get us started on getting kiddies to eat something green! Our nearly 6 year old daughter still looks very suspiciously at broccoli (& equally at us as the providers of said scary veggie!)

Hopefully, we’re come to your rescue or at least provide a little inspiration for feeding your family. We’ll be bringing all things ‘Family Food’ to the table, so to speak. Think ‘Appealing Family Recipes’ & ‘Getting Healthy’ meets ‘Fun in the Kitchen’ & ‘Sharing the End Results’.

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Look out for our…

Local Foody Features, including:

  • Features on local family food & cookery providers
  • Jersey Top 5 Places to eat out with children
  • Competition Time to win Flour Patisserie cupcakes

Plus lots of Family Food ideas, tips & tricks:

  • Tried & Tested Healthy Family Meals
  • Healthy Drinks & Snacks Lunchbox ideas
  • Foody Treats (Recipes that are yummy but surprisingly good for you)
  • Foody App reviews
  • Quick but healthy Breakfasts
  • Family Food Shopping Tips
  • Family Meal Planning
  • Cooking with your Children
  • Picky/Reluctant Eater tips
  • Children’s food portion sizes & know your food types
  • Meat, Gluten & Dairy Free Family recipes
  • No Takeaway challenge — Make healthy, tasty takeaway style food at home
  • Our Family Foody Date Night
  • Family Foody Treats (Cake!)
Credit: Annabel Karmel

We’d love to feature your family foodie-ness! Tell us about your favourite family food & any foodie challenges that you are having.

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Happy Family Eating!