Our Family Bucketful

I’m sure like us, you’ve had the usual stock take of 2016. Ours was a real mixed bucket of joy, grief, surprise & hope. We celebrated the highs & glossed over the lows.

On the whole, we are pleased that 2016 is over but it got us thinking about what we want 2017 to look like. We were quick to decide that we need bucketfuls of all the good things in life & our first theme of the year was born — BUCKETFUL! — Our family take on the traditional Bucket List

Bucket List — a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
Our Family Bucketful

However much we’d love to tick off common bucket list regulars, like swim with dolphins (or sharks!), fall in love in Paris or sky-dive over the Grand Canyon, our ‘Bucketful’ is all about things a lot closer to the heart & home. Over the next fortnight, we can’t wait to share with you all the great but no doubt challenging things in our Family Bucketful. Here are some of what we want to pull out of our bucket so to speak…

Be Brave

Getting out of your comfort zone & taking that leap of faith. Eeeekk! For us, it is having a complete career change & joining a jogging group, singing your own song at a Song Writers Society & riding a bike without stabilisers & sharing our work in front of our classmates

Enjoy the (Jersey) View

We hope to get off the crazy roundabout of life to stop, take a deep breath & enjoy the view. We want to celebrate Jersey in all its beauty as well as the simple but oh so satisfying views like the bath taps because it means that having the bath to yourself & not having to share it with a wriggling kiddie & a bucketful of bath toys!

Listen Up

We are very guilty of just being ‘busy’ & not taking time to truly listen to each other. We want to find that physical & mental space to find out about each other’s day, to share experiences & to have a good natter. We’re looking forward to playing that board game that hasn’t come out of the cupboard for months on end as well as find that gem of a local cafe to have a cuppa & put the world to rights.

Sleep Well

This is a big one for us! Our family includes a night owl that needs the discipline to get to bed before midnight, a worrier that cannot switch off those thoughts that go round & round in their head & a little one that needs a beautifully secure space to sleep well through the night. You too? I can almost see you all nodding to this one!

Have Fun

The important one for us! — Making the effort to have fun. Sounds really silly that effort is involved but sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to enjoy ourselves & half the enjoyment is in the preparation & anticipation. Life is just too serious sometimes & we really want to live in the moment, at least for some of the time. We’ll be sharing our favourite ways to have family fun at home as well as out & about in Jersey & how to just be silly!

Loving Lots & Being Kind

For us, these two go hand in hand. How we can show that we love each other from that little hug to planning a surprise lunch out ‘just the 2 of us’ (Matt take note!) or babysitting so we can have that long overdue friends catch-up (Matt take note again!). We also want to share how good random acts of kindness can feel. Watch this space for our plans on this front!

Have you vowed to never do, see or feel certain things again & are glad to see the back of last year?!

Have you also thought “Yeah, that was amazing, I need more of that in 2017!”

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Thanks for reading!

Best wishes from Rachael, Matt & Mia xxx

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