Taking the Pain out of Lunchboxing

Photo: BBC Good Food

We were very spoilt when our daughter went to nursery as she always had a great 2 course cooked lunch. Now that she is at school, it’s unfortunately packed lunches all the way. One of the best feelings in the world though is our daughter breaking up for the holidays & the promise of no lunch box making for a while. All good things come to an end I suppose! 🙃

As making packed lunches is an inevitable part of many a family life, we hope to ease this pain a little with our round-up of what we think is the best of all things Kiddie Lunch on the net:

Bento Boxes or Yum Boxes

We haven’t taken the plunge & bought one of these boxes yet as they are pretty expensive but having one box with lots of compartments & one tight lid that holds everything where it should be is very appealing. You’ll find them in all the usual lunchbox places in the shops & online. Have a read of Eat Amazing’s page for some Bento Box Ideas:

Lunchbox Builder

Love this Lunchbox visual as sometimes we just stare blankly into the fridge or cupboard hoping that there will be some kind of devine intervention & a magical lunchbox ingredient will hop out. Also have a look atthe full Le Coin del Mel’s full article for some more foodie inspiration.

Photo: Le Coin de Mel

Something a little bit different

Do your little ones ask for the same lunch day in day out or perhaps you find it hard to think of something new that they will actually eat & won’t just do a round trip to school & back? Here’s our favourite websites for school lunches that are just a little bit different but shouldn’t be too alien for your children:

Lunchbox Work of Art

Not sure that we are anywhere near this mum’s level of artiness or ever will be but what a cute lunchbox feast for the eyes!

Happy Lunchbox Packing!

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