Importance of Discipline in the Life of Your Child

“Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” Discipline is the most essential quality of life. It is in fact the greatest law of nature. It is necessary not only in the Army but it is equally important in schools, colleges and homes. It is necessary in the personal life of everybody. Nature is the best mirror to perfect the work of discipline within all of us. The earth, the sun, the moon and other planets are governed by certain laws to maintain perfect harmony and beauty. Any deviation from these set rules, will spell an utter disaster in nature. Discipline is necessary for health and also for progress in life. One should be regular in one’s habit of food, study and sleep. It is the only key to success. Discipline is a training that teaches the art of obedience to rules. It helps a person develop an orderly behavior and self control.

In our expert’s opinions at Kids Act LA Discipline is vitally important because it teaches children the concept of right and wrong. If they are not disciplined, they will never learn when their behavior is unacceptable. They will never learn the difference between right and wrong. It teaches boundaries. Children who are not disciplined will never learn there are boundaries that must not be crossed. It teaches a child, respect for authority. If your kids always get their way with you, they will learn that they are the “big boss”, that they are the ones in control. It teaches them good social skills. No one likes to be with someone who always insists on their own way. Discipline is necessary for both the teacher and the taught. A good teacher has a great responsibility of keeping a high image of his personality in the society. He can’t do it unless he maintains an intellectual and more discipline of a high order. No student will obey and respect an undisciplined teacher, however high may be his knowledge.

School discipline has two main goals: 
(1) To ensure the safety of staff and students and 
(2) To create an environment conducive to learning.

For school discipline to be successful, we need to restore those relationships. Parents and schools need to work together to instill the importance of education in children of all ages. Finding discipline procedures that work is a job for students, parents, and teachers to explore together. In today’s society, working together within the school and community will help teach children that working as a team can effectively solve the problem.

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