Story About A Woman

Have you ever heard a story about a woman who has the spirit of a dragon that lied inside her body?

If yes, then you are a very good listener because this story has been told from generation to generation for hundreds years, secretly. If no, then you must read this at least once in your life.

This dragon gave the girl good strength and health. She could lift a sack of rice on her back since she was 10 years old. Some people even said that they never see this girl got sick since her mom gave her birth. Everyone so amazed with her, yet so afraid.

Year by year, as she grew up, she got stronger and stronger. Her father began to worry because no man seems interested to married her. Her mom already felt sad because her daughter look so different from any other girls. And yes, their neighbours started gossiping about them.

Some people believed that this girl was born with a curse. Some even said that this girl itself was a devil. There was no positive comment about her. Eventhough these people never hurt this girl physically, they never stopped bullying her verbally. Some said that she was:

“A lioness with no ability to catch a prey.”

“A flower that never bloom”

“A sun that brings nothing but a damage flame”

“A tainted sea where no fish ever wanted to stay”

Everyone has a pity for her. But do you know what she really think? Just as she turned 23, a goddess came to her room as a very beautiful woman. This girl was shocked, almost screamed out loud. But as soon as she realized who was came, she began to kneel. The goddess straightly asked her,

“Dear, beautiful young lady. What do you think about yourself? Do you happy with who you are now?”

“I am, my goddess. I really am happy with everything I got. I know that everyone has a pity for me because I am quite different with any other girls. But I know, my goddess. I was born with a purpose, a special purpose. And I will never lose my faith to live my life to the fullest, to pursue my purpose. I am the subject of fate you create, and I will accept it with faith.”

Hearing this answer, the goddess felt so grateful. To gave this girl an honour and eternalize her great character, the goddess turn her into an ant.

Do you think that an ant is a weak small creature? Then you aren’t look closely.

Hi, readers. I really want to hear your critics about this wiriting, vocabulary, grammar, and everything. Please help me to grow my writing skill and also my English — I highly realize that so many gramatical errors here. Thank you, very much. Regards.

Photo credit David Higgins