Why Indoor Activities for Kids are as Important as Outdoor Activities

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2 min readFeb 28, 2019

There has always been a debate about the usefulness of indoor activities for kids. While there is almost no one who questions the benefits of outdoor activities, indoor activities have always been under scrutiny. With the emergence of play areas and indoor theme parks like Kidzania, indoor activities for kids have become fun again.

With the rising pollution problems, lack of space in metros and reduced options of outdoor free play for kids, parents are now going in for indoor activities for kids. Here are some of the benefits of indoor activities for kids that make it as important as outdoor activities.

• Helps provide new experiences to children: Children get new experiences during indoor play activities. Whether there are ball pools or trampolines or sand pits, there is something that children will learn from it. Activities like pretend play and role-playing provides them with new experiences of handling different situations. These experiences help build their social skills. Children also become more confident individuals. They become open to experimenting with new play surroundings.

• Encourages creative thinking: Indoor activities for kids encourages creative thinking. Role play theme parks like Kidzania provides ample indoor activities for kids. Kids can engage in different role plays individually or in groups. When kids impersonate a character like a doctor or an astronaut, they automatically tend to think like that person. This creative thinking is the biggest advantage of indoor activities for kids.

• It provides a safe, pollution free environment to your kids: Young kids cannot be left unattended at any time. Indulging in outdoor activities means enrolling in sports and physical classes. This does not leave any time for free play as kids like to watch television at home. Encouraging indoor activities for kids means that you meaningfully engage them. Indoor activities for kids also reduce screen time and helps in building independent thought process.

• It is weather-proof: Whichever part of the country you live in, there are chances that there will be a time when kids will not be able to go out. Sometimes it is too hot or too cold for the kids to go out. At this time, indoor activities for kids is the best thing to do. The best part about indoor activities for kids is that it is weatherproof. If you start encouraging new indoor activities for kids, you can sustain those irrespective of the weather outside.

• It keeps children active: Play areas and theme parks keep kids active and healthy. This kind of indoor activities for kids involve a lot of physical movement. Kids may feel bored at home if you do not encourage indoor activities. These can be done at home or outside.

Looking at the advantages of indoor activities for kids, you should be convinced that you are not doing anything wrong by encouraging such play. There will always be detractors to the concept. You have to learn to ignore them so that your kids derive maximum benefit from both outdoor and indoor activities for kids.