sells art by creative machines painted on canvas joins forces with the inventors of the famous neural algorithm for artistic style transfer and announces high-quality high-resolultion canvas prints for sale.

Tübingen, Germany. Starting today, the first DeepArt ever printed on canvas is on auction on eBay. is the first web service that allows people from all over the world to render their photos in the style of famous paintings. Inspired by the human brain, the method is among the top 10 most influential scientific results in 2015 according to Altmetric. Now, the company overcame one of the major technical limitations: low resolution. They can now render images at high resolution — sufficient to print on a large canvas.

One of the major limitations in the past has been that the generated images were too small to be printed even on a postcard. “Virtually everybody asked me if I couldn’t generate a higher-resolution image for them,” says Leon Gatys, the lead author on the paper describing the algorithm and co-founder of DeepArt, the startup company now running the website.

The team has now found a way to overcome these limitations and render artworks at much higher resolution — sufficient to print on canvas at a size of 50 by 50 cm. In the future users will be able to buy those canvas prints on the website. Each artwork is unique in several ways: Only the creator knows the original content and style, each image is sold only once, and each canvas is uniquely numbered. The first piece, DeepArt #1, can be purchased by auction on eBay.