This is Us. This is our 30’s.
Ozzy Etomi

I truly enjoyed this…so many parts hit home for me. I’m a 34 yr old married mom of two. My daily tribulations are You may have a child and feel guilty about the moments you miss your freedom or the moments you truly feel like you have no idea what you are doing. You may wrestle with feelings of mediocrity or failure because everyone else’s 30’s seems to be going much better than yours. Sooo my life…but then I remember the joys of being a mother and how I really don’t want a life without them. I also tell myself to be accepting with the now and work towards the present that I want. (That itself is easier said than done on most days). This post or blog (sorry I’m new to this) has truly inspired me to write my own. Thank you so so so MUCH!!!

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