Service learning

To me service learning is very important becasue I am able to reach out to others in my community and fulfill a need. I want to be able to connect with those around me while peforming a service and giving someone an opportunity they normally would not have. Service learning to me have a great deal of value, I have never seen it as something that will benefit me in the long run. Service learning is 100% about performing a service and learning based off of your experience and from the people you meet while giving up your time to perform a specific service. Personally I would love to work with kids, growing up I had so many amazing role models and people to look up to, that I want to replicate my experience and be a role model for children who would otherwise not have one. The ideal way to capture what I am learning through service would be videos after each session or activity, and by keeping a journal of my experience. I also think that it would be amazing if I was able to start a journal and have those that benefit from my service write in it expalining how their life has been impacted. I personally think that it would be amazing to have the two different journals side by side and see how different yet also the same the two journals would be. I know how much my few hours of help can impact someones life in such a unique and meaningful way, just speaking from experience, it is amazing to have volunteers in the schools or in the nursing homes. My grandfather was in an assisted living home and when we could not visit he still got visitors but they were people who came out of the goodness of their hearts just to sit and talk with the tentants. My grandpa would talk for days about having visitors from the community other than his family. The most imprtant thing to remember about service learning is that you are performing a service to help others in your community, you are not performing service learnign for yourelf. Although you will learn so much, form new relationships, create bonds throughout your experience, service learning is about the community you are serving before yourself. Before starting a service learnig project i need to ask one very important question in the community, what are needs do they feel need to be fulfilled. Initially my questions I want to explore the answer to are, How the people of the community want a certin need fulfilled? What are the expectations of the comunity as i start a service learning project and what do they hope to get out of my service? How can I fulfill the needs of the community in live in? How many people do i need to partner with in order to fulfill the needs of the community? What is the best way to gather my information? How often am I able to perform a service for my community?

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