The reason why I gave up undercut

Today marked a small change as I gave up my long-maintained undercut style. Though it has taken quite a long time to have this long, I did not regret cutting it away. This is because:

1/ Despite of being fashionable and “mau me”, it requires a lot of hair care to be in the form. And as I am not good at it, it would take me hours for grooming. I don’t wanna wake up everyday with my long hair messed up, then spend valuable 20 mins in the morning to fix it before rushing to my office.

2/ Undercut is not really appropriate for business professionals. Businessmen usually prefer short hair styles which makes them look smart, brilliant and trustworthy. Long hair styles mostly fit with artists or people working in free and creative environments.

So, that’s it. I just got a new haircut. It is cool and short, perfect for summer time. A refresh that makes me very comfortable. Now my hair looks like this Lol.

And I would highly recommend this hairstyle for summer. For all men.