Kien Quan
Kien Quan
Mar 20, 2017 · 3 min read

Refugees are regularly stereotyped in unflattering or cruel ways. Whether they’re cast as hapless beggars, faceless members of a horde refusing to assimilate, or drains on a society’s resources, descriptions of refugees around the world rarely emphasize their individual talents and capabilities, or their all-too-human stories.

We wanted to challenge preconceptions by highlighting the many contributions refugees have made to society. So we created, Made By Refugee, a sticker & poster campaign that uses the actual refugee-made products as a canvas to display our message. We printed them out and stuck them all over New York City. Here are a few examples.

David Tran — Founder of Sriracha — Vietnamese refugee
Carl Djerassi — Inventor of birth control — Austrian refugee
Behind the scenes
Albert Einstein — Revolutionary physicist, Introduced the Theory of Relativity & the Quantum Theory, Nobel Peace Prize winner — German refugee
Bob Marley — Musician — Jamaican refugee
Anne Frank — Diarist — German refugee
Tenzin Gyatso — 14th Dalai Lama, champion of peace — Chinese refugee
Sigmund Freud — Neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis — Austrian refugee
Virgin Mary & Jesus Christ — Mother and son of God — Refugee of Nazareth
Felix Salten — Author of Bambi — Austrian refugee
Freddy Mercury — Lead singer of Queen — East African refugee
Alex Issigonis — Designer of the MINI — Greek refugee

To bring the message into centerfold, we also created a couple of posters and put them up in Brooklyn.

Although these are harmless stickers posters, we aim broadcast a message about the stakes of helping refugees, and what could be lost if societies refuse the claims made upon them by those most in need of help.

If you would like to join our movement, you can print out the labels and stick them onto products and items in your own area. If you do, send us the image and we will repost it on our Facebook page.

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