Dear Wes Welker,

My nephew is one of my favorite people. Ever. He is smart, funny, loving, and hard-working but I worry about him. All the time.

Today his role model failed. Or rather failed in the past and it just hit the press today.

Wes Welker. You should be ashamed. Today you showed a little boy that his hero and role model is severely flawed and willing to throw away immense talent, years of hard work and dedication, his teammates, and his dreams for a drug.

Please know that whether or not you want to be, you are a role model.

You screwed up.

My nephew adored you. Emulated you. Wanted to be you. When asked why you were his favorite he said, “It gives me hope, because it means that little white guys, like me, can play in the NFL.”

So admit your mistake, and use your suspension to get yourself together. Get treatment. Stop using. Do what you have to do to change this. There are kids everywhere that look up to you. You must be better than this. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the millions of little kids that look up to you.

While I would prefer it if my nephew had a role model in the sciences, engineering, or career outside the long shot of professional sports, right now you are it Mr. Welker.

You may not have planned to be a role model, but you are one. BE A GOOD ONE.

P.S. I am thankful to hear this news before my fantasy football draft

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