Kieran Shah
Nov 2, 2017 · 2 min read

After being gifted Visual Thinking by some wonderful pals, I’ve decided to try and hone my sketching skills into something legible and useful.

Being able to communicate through images is a wonderful skill. It’s made so clear to me when I think back to wordy presentations that I’ve spent trying to keep my eyes open and the ones full of images that have me on the edge of my seat.

Pictures get across the gist of what you need to say and remove the unnecessary details that can distract from what the focus should be on. They can be used as a guide for discussion which bring the real meat of a presentation/workshop/any situation where you’re trying to communicate an idea and work on it.

Learning visually is also incredibly efficient. Sherlock wouldn’t be anything without his mind palace — his bank of memories, the place he stores everything he knows. He created it because it’s easier to hold and retrieve a vast amount of information that way.

So this isn’t just about trying to communicate ideas in a better way, it’s also for my own personal benefit. Using images and sketches allow me to both memorise and process these thoughts in a much simpler way.

After spending a while doodling faces and shapes, I tried my hand at one of the exercises they give you and created a little fake persona. Athletic Adam loves running, healthy food, and posing for sketches. Really great way to make a bit of information engaging and appealing (perhaps more appealing with a bit of practice).

Anyway, here he is…

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