Is S. Craig Zahler a White Supremacist?
Jacob Garfinkel

This was a good read. I’m a big fan of his work, but he does like his white heroes and damsels in distress as you noted. As for being a legit racist, though? I personally don’t think he is, but I think you raise some valid concerns. From what he’s said in interviews, he does intentionally set out to provoke with his work and he is a conservative (albeit not all that interested in politics). He’s also that he likes to surprise and scare himself by creating characters and situations that make him uncomfortable, which would explain the points you raise here. More frustratingly, he seems quite apathetic when it comes to socio-political issues when he’s asked about how some may perceive his work. At the same time, maybe he does just like to write this type of material because he likes button-pushing entertainment. Personally, I believe that he doesn’t really care about people’s race or gender, but he is fascinated with exploring problematic ideas.

The Littlest Reich is essentially a movie about Nazi puppets committing hate really violent and mean-spirited crimes, and while the humour and content is very un-PC, it’s very much a film that’s courting controversy. It’s also very tongue-in-cheek, which I realise in itself may be a problem for some viewers in this political climate. I’ll be interested to know your thoughts if you see it.

I do recommend checking out some more interviews, though. My concerns about these issues were dispelled when I got to understand his mindset and creative process more. He’s also sort of disavowed white supremacy before in old interviews when talking about Nazi black metal bands (basically he said he can still enjoy the music while disagreeing with the message).