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Back in 2017, Google was awarded a contract from the US military to develop and advanced artificial intelligence program, that could assist the military as part of its larger aim of using AI to better battlefield technology and help automate some of the leg work involved in operating a drone. Specifically, Google were awarded the contract to develop the technology to identify with a high level of precision what was a building, what was a tree, a car, a child, and well, you get the idea. …

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We’ve all at some point or another either inherited or cloned a project that was lacking in more than one sense. Whether it be poor code formatting, a bizarre and unorganised folder structure, or that one project I had where all Vue components were somehow written in JQuery, almost all JavaScript projects can stand to benefit from a few pointers.

1. Use ES6

It is astounding how many projects don’t take advantage of the benefits offered by writing your code in the ES6 standard. Not only does ES6 introduce the class keyword to make class declarations easier and more clearly defined, but ES6…

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Humble Beginning

Live streaming across the Internet began on the evening of June 24, 1993, in (of course) Palo Alto, and more specifically on the roof of Xerox PARC. The event was a performance by the tech-savvy rock band Severe Tire Damage (hence the brilliant pun in this article’s title). Severe Tire Damage was at that time made up of one Apple engineer, two DSRC engineers and the chief technologist of Xerox PARC itself.

They were able to stream their performance using a new technology known as Multicast Backbone (Mbone). Mbone was created in the early 90s as a way of transmitting…

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For full code please see my Github.

For a small project I decided to add video streaming to a small Node.JS server I had already built. I will outline below the full function if you wish to copy and paste, complete with my comments to explain what each line does. Then below I go into more detail about what’s actually going on behind the scenes here. Happy Streaming!

Lovely and simple — 27 lines. In my instance I have an API endpoint route on my server that is ‘/stream’, that executes this function (since I only have the one…

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I have just reached the end of my four year degree in Forensic Computing with heavy development components, which was an in-class 20 hours a week during the final year. During that final year, I also worked 40+ hours a week as a software consultant (a role I continue to the day — building, testing and evaluating software in a wide array of languages). …

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As JavaScript continues to grow in popularity, more and more jobs are becoming prevalent across the globe. A quick search for my local region in England reveals dozens of jobs that either have JavaScript as a core technology, or an assisting technology. It’s therefore more important than ever to make sure your personal portfolio for JavaScript is as best as you can possibly make it.

Here are my top four projects that I’d recommend for your portfolio to help bolster your chances of getting your dream job.

Project One: Cloud Storage Service

Cloud services are still rising in popularity and so too are the need…

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We’re all familiar with cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, One Drive and Amazon Drive (basically pick any word + “Drive” and you stand a chance of guessing one). In case you’re not, cloud storage (in this case primarily for individuals) is a way of storing your files and documents online. This has a plethora of advantages, such as being able to access your files anywhere in the world with a web connection, no need to pay for expensive hard drives that you need to keep safe (not to mention stand up and get from a shelf — hideous)…

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When we think automation, we tend to think more of physical work being replaced and automated by machines. However, a lot of office jobs have components and aspects that it would benefit being automated, because it would free workers up for more high level and time sensitive tasks.

In this article I will show an example of how a small script can automate aspects of finance, and the process of generating invoices to send to clients, with no need to have administrator privileges to access a system back-end or mess around with an API, just simply using the web interface…

Yes — that title is confusing. How can you have a server without a server? What even is a server anyway?

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The History

The server can really be considered synonymous with computing itself. I would define a modern server as hardware dedicated to executing a certain task, or set of tasks, day-in, day-out. This has always been the case in computing, wherein there are dedicated machines or sections of machines that carry out certain tasks and not much else. In the modern age, the most common example I can give you is a web server. …

It’s been my birthday this week, and I decided to treat myself to both an Oculus Go and an Oculus Rift. Despite being an impulsive buy, I still spent a good few hours Googling the differences between the different platforms, and trying to work out what Virtual Reality actually is. So, what is it?

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The Big Players

There are currently only a handful of companies who are offering commercially viable and affordable virtual reality systems. These systems include:

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Quest
  • HTC Vive
  • Playstation VR
  • Samsung Gear VR

This is not an extensive list, but merely the most popular systems…

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