Giveaway Details — A Critical Cause 24 Hour Charity Stream — April 28th

Want to win big? Tune in to the stream!

Kieran Moolchan
3 min readApr 26, 2018

With a huge thank you to all our donors and supporters, we’re SO PUMPED to show you what we’re giving away during A Critical Cause: Gamers for Mental Health, the charity stream supporting mental health initiatives in Winnipeg!

Where to Watch:

Stream Start: 12 p.m. CST April 28th
Stream End: 12 p.m. CST April 29th

We’re going big on the giveaways this year, and they’re tied to us hitting goals along the way for donations! Anyone watching the stream will be able to enter through the Twitch chat, so get your friends watching and donating so we can ramp up those giveaways!

Nintendo of Canada

Nintendo of Canada blew our minds by letting us offer up a Nintendo 2DS XL and a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun. Call the fire department because this prize will be burning up our stream when we hit our highest giveaway milestone.

1 x Nintendo 2DS XL + 1 x Pokemon Ultra Sun

Memory Express

A huge shoutout and massive thank you to the community crew at Memory Express for putting together these bundles. We’ll be tweeting and posting photos of all those sweet deets and adding them to this post on Friday night!

1 x AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
Power up your PC with this awesome CPU!

2 x Gigabyte Sweater bundles

Each bundle includes:

  • Gigabyte sweater
  • Sennheiser ear buds
  • Long Boy mouse pad and RGB lights

3 x Exclusive Filthy Casual/MemX collab shirts (1 Large) (1 XL)
These shirts are hype and extremely rare! You’ll have to bump us past some rad milestones to get your hands on one of these!

Relic Entertainment

When we approached Relic about helping us out with giveaways for the stream, we thought it would be amazing if we had a copy of Company of Heroes or Dawn of War to offer once we hit our milestones.

They hit us with an entire franchise pack of each game!

That’s Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes 2 and all their DLC. And Dawn of War, and Dawn of War 2 and all their DLC + a copy of Dawn of War 3.

1 x Company of Heroes Franchise Edition

1 x Dawn of War Franchise Pack + 1 x Dawn of War 3

Ai-Kon Winnipeg

Ai-Kon is an amazing event that will be running from July 27–29, 2018. Their team has hooked us up with an epic package for an anime fan in Winnipeg to win when we hit one of our donation milestones.

1 x Ai-kon tote bag containing:

  • 2 Ai-kon 2017 T-shirts
  • 2 Ai-kon branded water bottles
  • 2 Ai-Kon lanyards, buttons, and patches
  • 1 Sunday pass for Ai-kon 2018

Art by Kara Marozas

Kara is an amazing Winnipeg artist who has volunteered to create an image over the course of the 24-hour stream. If you donate, you can request something to add to her image, and we’ll be giving it away at the end of the stream. We’ll have more details about that when you tune in!

You’ll have to tune in for a chance to win! Thank you again to our giveaway sponsors. Please check out their sites and social media and say thank you, we really appreciate it! ❤

A Critical Cause is a yearly charity event and community fund run by, and for, people in Winnipeg who have struggled and are struggling with mental illness.

We want to make a difference in our city with better programs and resources to make living with mental illness something that doesn’t stop people from achieving their true potential.

Every year we put together a 24 hour charity stream with amazing guests, crazy giveaways, and a ton of fun. We band together as gamers to raise money for mental health initiatives in Winnipeg, and to talk about mental health in a safe and honest way.

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