Guest Details — A Critical Cause 24 Hour Charity Stream — April 28th

Who’s joining us to support mental health initiatives in Winnipeg?

Kieran Moolchan
Apr 25, 2018 · 2 min read

We’re excited to announce the guests for A Critical Cause: Gamers for Mental Health, the charity stream supporting mental health initiatives in Winnipeg!

Where to Watch:

Stream Start: 12 p.m. CST April 28th Stream End: 12 p.m. CST April 29th

Guests and Interviews

Adrian Cheater — CTO, Complex Games

Danelle Cloutier — Producer, CBC

Dan Vadeboncoeur — Fanquest Organizer

Chip Damage — Winnipeg’s Fighting Game Community

Griffin Jenkins — MDAM Director of Education and Youth Services

Extra Life Winnipeg

Daniel Voth — Admin and Organizer at the Winnipeg Game Collective

Dylan Fries — Co-founder of Winnipeg Game Jam and the Winnipeg Game Collective

Jennifer Aarhus — The Winnipeg Foundation

Tee Demetrioff — CMHA Representative

Kyente — Partnered Twitch Streamer and Rabbit Enthusiast

RuthAnne aka @Bunheadwhat — Twitch Winnipeg Co-Founder and Kyente Enthusiast

Shawn Bernard — Streamer, Developer, All-Star Extra Lifer

Colton DeVos — Marketing & Communications Specialist And Rad Dad

Jon Pirrie — StoryUp Games

Scott Billeck —

Matt Woelk — Winnipeg Game Developer

Josh Jaques — Winnipeg Game Developer

That’s all the guests we have confirmed for now, but there are still a few more guest slots open if you’d like to join us! Check back here for details!

A Critical Cause is a yearly charity event and community fund run by, and for, people in Winnipeg who have struggled and are struggling with mental illness. We want to make a difference in our city with better programs and resources to make living with mental illness something that doesn’t stop people from achieving their true potential. Every year we put together a 24 hour charity stream with amazing guests, crazy giveaways, and a ton of fun. We band together as gamers to raise money for mental health initiatives in Winnipeg, and to talk about mental health in a safe and honest way.

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