Update: Ixora

I really like strings and drums.

Think of a nice Brooklyn mixed drum kit with some backing strings and a soft falsetto voice overtop.

Now, throw in a bit of ebow guitar in the background and a picked bass line that does more than just play the root and you’ve found the keys to unlocking my tear ducts.

I’m basically describing the latest Copeland album, Ixora.

It’s loud (for me) at work. There are a lot of people talking and it really exhausts me by the end of the day.

Working at SkipTheDishes is honestly great aside from that. It’s a fast growing company, and there is a seriously solid group of people here. I just never realized how much I like and need quiet to work until now, surrounded by all these people talking on the phone.

So I wear noise cancelling earbuds some of the time at work. Well, that’s pretty fancy to say. They’re earbuds with earplug ends. They sound great, and knock down the sound to a dull murmur. They also are a headset, so I can fully focus on the people I’m talking to when I phone restaurants.

And I listen to music.

Like this Copeland album.

It’s the kind of album you might listen to if you were being broken up with, or were completely overwhelmed, but still wanted to hear some hope in your music.

Not that either of those things are happening to me.

I think I can handle what I’m working on at work. It’s taking me out of my comfort zone, but there is still a lot that I feel really capable doing.

I like that.

And I’m not being broken up with.

Having Alex in my life is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I love her.

Throw that tambourine into high gear, turn up the synth, and let’s dance out the rest of this album. It’s not all breakups and bad days.

It’s the perfect mix of ups and downs.

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