Examining the impact of statistics on storytelling

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Quidditch is still a new sport, and that newness shows itself in many different ways. Talking about quidditch still often elicits a question of how people fly, players aren’t given salaries, and there certainly isn’t a quidditch bubble being built for teams to play out the fall season amidst a pandemic. None of those will change anytime soon.

But there are ways for the sport to grow in the model of more established leagues like the NBA or the AUDL. The simplest way to do that: tracking statistics.

Why Statistics Are Important

Statistics can vary from the…

How one position’s roster crunch may stunt long-term engagement

Emma Wolfe and Andrew Bittles beat together for Tufts at USQ Nationals 2018
Emma Wolfe and Andrew Bittles beat together for Tufts at USQ Nationals 2018
Isabella Gong Photography

Imagine this: you’ve been playing one of the most demanding positions in quidditch for the past four years. In the most important moments of the game your team relied on you to perform. You’ve developed chemistry with multiple beating partners, and have worked to establish yourself as a consistent player for your college team and within your region. You’ve fallen in love with quidditch and with the position you play.

You’ve graduated, and you want to continue playing and continue getting better. …

How to succeed as a beater when the game matters most

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Any beater worth their weight in bludgers will tell you the seeker floor doesn’t matter. At least, it doesn’t matter as much as what comes after. When two competitive teams play each other it’s increasingly rare to see the game pulled out of snitch range. And when a game is in snitch range, the quaffle matters significantly less.

After the 18th minute the game belongs to the seekers — and, more importantly, the beaters.

But snitch on pitch is overwhelming, even for the most experienced beaters in the sport…

Kieran Collier

Poet, quidditch coach, data enthusiast. @kieranwcollier. kierancollier.com

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