Mental health and me. By Kieran Woodcock.

Im your typical 16 year old lad, to proud to talk about my emotions and deep thoughts I have inside this thick skull of mine but if I’m brutally honest holding in everything isn’t going to do me many favours in the long run either. Ive felt down over stupid shit like girls which I now realise was only puppy love but theres been times when I’ve felt terrible in myself and was like it for weeks on end. Now I’ve had some real low’s and It took a lot of courage to ask a teacher whom I get on well with for help. In my darkest hour I felt I was crumbling from the inside and there was no way anyone could help me. The daily routine of going to school was a massive burden for me but I had no say in the matter I still had to go. Its strange to think something that means so little to someone could mean a whole lot to me. Its amazing what sharing your thoughts with someone can do. Like they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. Talking about my issues really helped to clear my head and made me a lot more happier in myself.

In my opinion mental health needs to covered more in schools, were taught. about mental health issues in SPHE but its only skimmed over by teachers. People are blinkered when it comes to such topics, I really think that we need to push for students of school age to be taught more about mental health because at the end of the day its becoming more and more common by the day. I believe the rise in the use of technology globally doesn’t help and I’m pretty sure there’s. a vast amount of people who agree with me on this. Cyber bullying is huge these days and there are so many people my age being abused online on websites such as and on different chatrooms people are making themselves more and more vulnerable. Going back to schools , I have observed that the anti-bullying policies aren’t enforced well enough and also the punishment isn’t. harsh enough. Getting a wrap on the knuckles for doing something that can leave emotional or physical scars in some cases isn’t good enough. Until you’ve experienced bullying on a first hand basis you just cant imagine how it feels.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with their conscience and I found my way to relax my mind was through music. I wrote a few songs outlining my thoughts at the time and I really found it worked. I’d come home from school on the bus with my earphones in listening to the likes of Eminem & Professor Green who knows all too well the negative affects of having a poor mental state and it helped me to know I wasn’t the only person feeling this way . I know people who find their peace of mind by going outside for a walk but that’s just not my style. In the last 18 months I’ve. found a rapper named Smiiffy who is amazing not only is he extremely talented he does so much charity work and is extremely open about the mental burdens he has faced he’s a big inspiration to me. I personally find if I’m alone for too long it send my mind will start to trail of and ill start to feel a little down. So I tend to keep myself occupied.

Thankfully I don’t feel down as often now although I have my days by we all do I guess. I urge you though ; think about the consequences something you do before you come out with it what might be a joke to you could send someone else over the edge. And if one of your peers doesn’t seem how they usually would be ask are they okay, It could. mean the world to them.

Until the next time

Kieran Woodcock

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