August Sets Record Trends For New Car Sales

SUVs and Thai sourced vehicles helped make August 2016 a record year for automotive sales with Toyota continuing to lead the way.

SUVs continue to drive sales, now accounting for 37.3 percent of total 2016 new car purchases

Despite growing concerns over the health of Australia’s automotive market following the closure of Holden’s Adelaide and Ford’s Melbourne based manufacturing plants, August 2016 set record breaking trends for new car sales with SUVs leading all segments with a market share of 37.3 percent according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber commented on the strengthening position of the automotive market when he said “Demand for SUVs and Light Commercials continues to drive the market, with both these segments increasing sales by over 10 per cent compared with August 2015”.

According to the FCAI’s VFACTS report, at the end of August 2016 Australians purchased 784,380 new vehicles which is up 3 percent on the previous year’s volume. Business sales showed an increase in 21.5 percent over the past year’s sales with light commercial vehicles taking the lion’s share of 34.4 percent of purchases.

Mirroring the demand in private markets, business sales of SUVs grew to account for 31.2 percent of vehicles sold. Mr Weber speculated that the post-financial year market ease in the wake of the Federal Election was to account for the strong sales.

“The ongoing strength of SUV sales especially among business buyers is bringing a healthy momentum to the market” said Mr Weber.

“While passenger motor vehicles continue to lead the market in terms of overall volume with 41.3 percent of total 2016 sales, the quite discernible trend towards SUVs and light commercials continues. SUVs now account for 37.3 percent of total sales year to date in 2016, while in 2015 this figure was 34.8 percent” he said.

According to VFACTS, Toyota continues to lead the charge with 19.7 percent of total vehicle sales, followed by Mazda with 9.8 percent, Holden with 8.1 percent, Ford at 7.2 percent and Hyundai at 6.9 percent of market share.

In a reflection of the strengthening trade between Australia and Thailand following the Free Trade Agreement, the FCAI reported that in July 2016 for the first time more vehicles were imported and sold from Thailand than any other origin, including Japan.

Both the second and third most popular cars in August 2016, the Toyota HiLux (3311 units sold) and Ford Ranger (2964 units sold) both originate from Thai vehicle plants. Only the ever popular Toyota Corolla (3554 units sold) is sourced from Japan.

@kieren_malone August 2016 shows record year for new car sales #FCAI #VFACTS #Carsales

@kieren_malone SUVs leading the way in new car sales #FCAI #VFACTS #Carsales

@kieren_malone #Toyota continues to lead the way new car sales #FCAI #VFACTS #Toyota