Missouri Motorcycle Accident Deaths On The Rise

During summer months in Missouri many citizens use the nicer weather to save money on gas by riding motorcycles instead of driving cars. While money can be saved on gas by riding a motorcycle instead of operating an automobile, motorcycles are far more dangerous to ride then automobiles are to drive. This results in more deaths and injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents in the state of Missouri during summer months.

The National Safety Council reports that deaths resulting from motorcycle accidents in the U.S. increased by 10% last year, surpassing 5,000 motorcycle accident caused deaths for the first time since 2008. More then 38,000 people were killed on U.S. roadways in motorcycle accidents.

Jason Pace is the Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt., who states “I think it’s combination of motorists and the drivers of these motorcycles working together to ensure safety for everyone.”

“Often times people get complacent and they forget about the motorcycle traffic, but I think as we’re getting into the warmer months and summer weather I think more and more people are aware of it.”

According to the National Safety Council 4.4 million people suffered serious injuries last year on U.S. roadways.

Dennis Cisneros is an avid motorcycle rider living in Missouri who has 51,000 miles on his 2011 Harley motorcycle. He states that one of the main reasons for more motorcycle related deaths is “not so much the bikes, but more the drivers.” He states that drivers are becoming more and more distracted by the use of cellphones resulting in more motorcycle and automobile accident deaths.

A recent study reports there were over 4,500 motorcycle rider deaths in 2014. It is clear that motorcycle riders need to travel at a slower safe speed and motorists need to not drive while distracted and pay attention more to their surroundings while operating a vehicle at all times, but especially during the warmer summer months with more motorcyclists on the roadways in Missouri and across the U.S.

The number of deaths last year is about double the annual number through the 1990’s. We are already seeing an increase in motorcycle accidents for 2016.

Click here to see a breakdown of motorcycle accident related deaths in each state.

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