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I Only Check My Mail When It’s Raining.

Rain is a sigh of relief for me. When it rains my anxiety dissipates. I know, that’s not the normal thing. I’m not depressed either- I simply just can’t see. But not in the way that everyone thinks I can’t see. So, I only check my mail in the post office when it’s raining.

My disadvantage in life that was given to me is a visual impairment. I have this rare eye disease known as Retinitis Pigmentosa. I know, it sounds made up, but google it for yourself.

One of the lovely attributes that I cannot control due to my eye disease, is the amount of time it takes my eyes to adjust to a building. When you walk inside a building, your eyes adjust to the lower lighting immediately. For me, that time is tripled. It takes me a whopping 30–40 minutes to fully adjust to a building’s lighting. If that, sometimes the building is too dark for me, and I’ll never adjust. AKA I’ll never be able to see at least somewhat.

Now, my vision doesn’t adjust to perfect. I work with what I got though, and amongst me working it out I have found little tricks that help me every single day. Like the rain. The rain allows my adjusting time to cut in half. When it’s raining, I can walk into a building and it won’t look like a giant black hole to me. Rather it might look like a blurry lit hole, but it won’t be as intimidating.

I also have this thing called anxiety. Which totally freaks me out more than I should be about everything. So I worry about things like: will I be able to see them handing my student ID back to me? Or, will I be able to make out their facial expressions enough to know when I’m supposed to speak to them? Hence why if it is sunny outside, I choose to wait so that I can be as functional as possible when checking that mail.

Don’t get me wrong. Some days I don’t care. Some days I charge into that building praying that someone is kind enough to pull more weight in their jobs to aid me. However, most days when it comes, the rain is my best friend.

Ever wonder why someone who is visually impaired is like wicked intuitive? That’s because we have to think of things like this. Ever. Single. Day. Some days it’s fun. Like, hmmm, how can I handle this today? Other days, it’s like super irritating. Because all I want to do is drive a car or walk to the mail room at my own leisure.

Thanks to the rain, I will finally get to check my mail. Currently, there’s a t-shirt that’s been waiting for me there for the past two weeks. We will be united soon. The forecast is showing rain on Thursday. (: