Societies and Social Interactions

Today’s society is known as the postindustrial society. The postindustrial society is also known as the information society. This society is named after its production of information and services. The society today revolves around the production of new technology. This technology is a blessing and some might say a curse. Today’s society is all about making things faster and easier. An example would be diet pills. In past societies such as the hunter-gather societies people did not look for an easy and quick fix they worked hard for everything in their life. Some might say that all of this technology has creating a society of introverts. This is because people spend a lot of time are their cell phones, and not really enjoying the people around them. There will be a negative side to every society. I enjoy the postindustrial society and I would not change where I am today.

The postindustrial society is a world of opportunity. Yet I feel like it is not as appreciated as it should be. There is so much out there in this society that people have already created just for others to experience. I enjoy learning about everything from art, music, sciences and many more things. With modern technology I am given the opportunity to learn about all of these subjects. I wish I could say that I was a person who didn’t want the luxury and material things in life but I do. One day I will work for those things and it will not be easy. My definition of working hard will definitely be different then the previous societies but that doesn’t make it into a bad thing. I love being able to video chat with my family, and receive text messages from my friends. The postindustrial society is a society that I am proud to be a part of.

Karl Marx is a well-respected and influential sociologist in history. According to Marx, “Alienation refers to the condition in which the individual is isolated and divorced from his or her society, or sense of self” (Openstax, 82). Alienation is something that I have experienced many times. Of the four examples given by Marx my recent experience was with alienation from others. As a pre-nursing student there is so much competition to get into the program. This competition is exhausting. I like making friends and having study groups but it’s hard when everyone is trying to compete. I have also been competitive and I regret it. Being competitive turns people into someone that they are not. If there was not competition and everyone worked with each other I believe we would all succeed.

A status is a roll or responsibility that you have in life. An ascribed status is one that you do not choose and a achieved status is one that you obtained by choice. I have many ascribed statuses; I am a granddaughter, daughter and sister. My choice to be a college student is an example of an achieved status. This is an example of a achieved status because it was my choice to continue my education and go to college. I chose to go to college because I want to be a nurse.