Servers Be Wise

Kiersten Utegg
Photos by Rochelle Li

It is a Friday. Your calendar is clear, your friends are together, and it’s dinnertime. The five of you pick a place with a happy atmosphere, tasty dishes and colorful ambience, ready to enjoy an evening of chatter and good food. But for some, like your server, this night will be much different.

The job of a server is to make the customer’s night as seamlessly enjoyable as possible. They are the people who bring you food when you are hungry. They are the people who always keep your glass full. They are the middleman between you and a perfectly prepared meal. In short, your server is an integral part of making your night out worthwhile.

If you’ve had a good server, you will remember their fantastic ability to change your decision from getting a dish listed on the menu, to getting a salivating special they had just described.

“And this evening we are featuring a sizzling pan roasted cod served with fresh chopped rosemary and thyme in a light lemon, butter, garlic sauce paired with a roasted cauliflower, parmesan purée and crisp, steamed asparagus.”


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