Black People Really Need to Get Over Slavery

Kiesha Joseph
Aug 18, 2017 · 7 min read

This clear lady that I used to admire, up until today, posted a meme on Facebook that sent my blood pressure through the roof. It read:

“No white person alive today ever owned a slave. No black person alive today was ever a slave.

We can’t move forward if people want to keep living in the past.”

Another Black People Need to Get Over Slavery Meme from Facebook

I had to literally leave the post, and come back calmer. I read comment after comment from clear people egging her on with, “Yes!”, and “Truth” and other crap like that.

But, then I read a comment from a white lady who simply said:

“You guys just don’t get it.”

And, that set me off. Yet, I stayed aware of the long-time Facebook relationship I’ve had with the poster for about a decade now. With that in mind, I came at her with questions instead of anger. I wanted to try to understand exactly what she was saying.

Well, without going into her nonsensical responses, let’s just say I put her post on blast. Its screenshot is now my feature Facebook post of the day.

This is so wrong, so foul and so ENTITLED-thinking ON SO MANY LEVELS. This lady even went so far as to say she hates racists. Yet, you want me to take a part of the past that is a deep part of my HISTORY, and get over it!

Black People Should Get Over Slavery: A Hot Topic on Google

But, then I went on Google and searched the term “get over slavery.” I even filtered it so the results only showed content from the past year. Wow. There sure are a lot of clear people in the world who really believe black people need to get over slavery.

In my search to make sense of this way of thinking, I came across an article on It talks about how Nate Parker, director of Birth of a Nation, wants us ALL to “confront the darkness of the past,” stating:

“’…until there is honest confrontation, there can be no healing … We can’t just skip the healing part and say, ‘Get over it.’”

Slavery is Not Just Our Past, It’s Our HISTORY

It’s amazing how many people lined up to see Mel Gibson in Passion of the Christ. And, there had to be a lot of people because it made $611.9 million at the box office.

This is such a horrible part of history, especially if you’re a Christian. Why would any Christ loving person want to recreate it or watch it go down? Because it’s history. As ugly and dirty as it is… it’s HISTORY.

People line up by the droves to see movies about past wars. Many of our wars are something to be ashamed of as Americans. So, why would you want to see such a thing? Because it’s history!

We watch movies about serial killers, rapists, wife killers, woman beaters, child molesters, baby killers… you name it. If they make it, it’s getting watched. Yet, when it comes to movies like Birth of a Nation and 12 Years a Slave, black people really need to get over it?????

Why Black People Should NEVER Get Over It

Somehow, clear people are under the impression that all black people are pissed about slavery. First, I would like to say that this is simply not true. For some of us, it’s about remembering the only part of our past that “the white man” allowed to be recorded.

This is the only past we have. So, how dare you tell us to get over it. Most of us aren’t angry about it. We use it to grow. By knowing where we came from, we can appreciate the present and plan for better futures. Yet, you want us to take our starting point and shove it up our black @$$es?!?!?!?!!!!

I will admit, there are some black people and/or African Americans who are very pissed about slavery. And, I’m sorry to say, they must exist as well. Just like we needed Martin, we needed Malcolm. That truth still exists.

Today, we need people who will stay peaceful. We need people who will speak out. We need people who protest. We need people to fight. We need people to forgive. We need people to get mad.

But, the one thing we do not need… is people who will forget.

And, we do NOT need white people and/or clear people telling us that black people need to get over slavery.

Read ‘Stop telling me to get over slavery… when you can’t get over monuments to slavers.”

What the H3ll Does ‘Get Over It’ Even Mean???

SERIOUSLY. What does that even mean??? “Get over it.”

Are you saying we should forgive your ancestors? Are you saying we should stop talking about it? Are you saying it has nothing to do with what’s happening in the world today?

Specifically, what do you “non-racist” people mean when you say that crap?

With the things happening in the Nazi and white supremacist worlds today, new doors seem to be opening for the closet racists here in America. They now feel free to hop on Instagram and Facebook and spew their “low-key” racism and bigotry, while hiding behind memes.

Someone has to call them out, because the most dangerous racist, is a closet racist!

Will You Ever Get Over 9/11?

To say black people need to get over slavery is the equivalent of al-Qaeda saying Americans need to get over 9/11. It just ain’t hatnin’ Captain.

But, in your ENTITLED minds, somehow this is different. 9/11 was a blatant attack on the American people. Well, so was slavery! It doesn’t matter that your forefathers wrote laws that said my ancestors weren’t Americans. The truth of the matter is… they WERE!

Slavery was a blatant attack against the black people of America. And, just like the Indians never got over it, neither will we. They got their lucrative reservations and casinos. And, we’re still struggling to keep our black boys alive… black girls too!!!

WHY? Because today, a sense of slavery still exists here in America. The idea of racial equality is still just that… an idea. Now, we have a president condoning the racial hatred of Nazis and white supremacists. And, that’s our current reality.

Frank D. Hargrove, a Republican state legislator from Virginia says that apologizing for slavery makes “as much sense as Jewish people apologizing for the crucifixion of Christ.”

Well, considering Jewish people, to this day, still don’t believe the man who died on the cross was not actually Jesus. They believe He was an imposter, and that the real Christ is still coming someday.

HOWEVER, the white people of America, as well as the clear people, KNOW for a fact that slavery occurred. So, no, this is NOT the same thing. #Idiot

Instead, this clear man within our government structure says that:

Our black citizens should get over it.”

I bet he wouldn’t dare tell Jewish people to get over the Holocaust. Or, would he?

Charlottesville, VA is a Clear Indication Why It’s Not Possible

So, as President Donald Trump sends our entire nation BACKTRACKING into a part of HISTORY we would love to forget, ask yourself this:

How would you feel as an American if you heard President Trump making a statement that condones the ideas and actions of al-Qaeda?

Remember September 11, 2001 AKA 9/11? Do you remember how outraged we were as a nation? We came together as Americans. For the first time in my entire life, our states were literally UNITED.

Everyone, no matter what race or color, looked the same coming out of the ruins, smoke and ashes of the Twin Towers and other damaged buildings in New York City. No American citizen felt untouched by the disaster caused by the 9/11 attacks on our country.

Well, this is the same outrage we expect from our own president, as well as the American people who claim to be non-racists. White supremacists and Nazi groups are threatening to take over our worlds again.

And, you choose THIS time to say black people need to get over slavery???

A Clear Reminder for Clear People

Do you know what white supremacy and the KKK means for black people? Well, since you seem to have a way of forgetting the past, let me remind you:

· Burning crosses in our front yards

· Hanging our brothers and sisters in our yards

· Bombing churches with little black girls in them

· Tying black boys and men to the backs of cars and dragging them to death

· Raping little black girls and black women in the name of white supremacy

· Tying my daddy to the back of a horse and making him walk to the police station for being black in a white neighborhood (my parents OWNED our home)

Are You a Racist, a Non-Racist or a “Non-Racist”?

There is NO peace with Nazi and white supremacist groups. They are all about hatred towards all races that are not their own. By not verbally speaking out against them, President Trump has silently condoned their behavior.

So, OF COURSE this is going to bring up old feelings from the past for African Americans and/or black people… INCLUDING SLAVERY.

Why? It was slavery that cast our ancestors out as “no class” citizens. It was the ending of slavery that cast them out into ghettos of America to be called “second class” citizens. And, it was slavery that gave you, my white and clear people, the ENTITLEMENT that you hold so near and dear to your hearts.

Now, if you’re really not a racist, you would use that same ENTITLEMENT to SPEAK UP against the racism of today. Speak up against the racist white supremacists and Nazis publicly marching in Charlottesville and other American cities. Speak up against your president, our president, for not taking action against them.

But, by all means, DO NOT use this as a time to tell us that black people need to get over slavery!!!!!

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