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Miss Tee Lane is the author of the erotica series Seductive Dreams.

LOS ANGELES — Nov. 21, 2016 — PRLog — “Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Begins” was released in June, 2015 by Miss Tee Lane AKA Miss T. Since then, this novel has climbed the Amazon charts in the Romance category. The erotica novelist has now published the sequel, “Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Continues,” which launches on December 1, 2016.

Miss T. is sponsoring a free eBook giveaway to celebrate the upcoming book launch.Miss Tee Lane has created an email list for her fans. They’ll receive seductive poetry, images, videos, book readings, seduction tips and tricks, deals on toys and more.

Most will also receive free copies of Seductive Dreams Part I, many others will also get free copies of Seductive Dreams Part II (limited supplies available). All you have to do to get your free eBook downloads is simply join her mailing list.

About Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Begins & Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Continues

Seductive Dreams Part I introduces the main character Shonte’ with a bang. It starts off fueled with sensual desires that Shonte’s husband Michael cannot fulfill. She finds herself prophesizing her very own fantasies. Although she knows what’s going to happen before it does, that doesn’t stop her from making quite a few questionable decisions.

Shonte’ finds herself in a whirlwind of trouble when she seemingly gets involved with a local rapper and football player, against her husband’s wishes. The obsession of one of her lovers leads to murder, attempted murder, investigations and a slew of other events.

Seductive Dreams II, The Prophecy Continues reintroduces Shonte’s desires, however the Prophecies have taken a back seat. Shonte’ finds herself happy and satisfied with a previous lover, which causes a numbing affect to her ability to prophesize. Although Shonte’s happiness is a good thing, losing her ability to see future events may not be so great.

In this sequel Shonte, Michael, MC Brooklyn, Ronnie and Kali all find themselves trying to break free of the dominant hold of Shonte and her prophesies. But she won’t allow it.

There is more drama, luxury, sensual moments, excitement, danger, police investigations, secrets, infidelity, high powered romance, lies and deceit than its predecessor, Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Begins. This time Shonte’ and the new girl Kali go head up. The question is who will lose?

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