Changing Tomorrow

I had a thought about taking a Few Vets’, Displaced Vets and introduce them to a Business for them to build off of my Idea. In time we would start using Felons that really want a chance to change the Direction of their lives.

I would like to also get Housing with classrooms so we can help them get their GED which will be the first objective in changing tomorrow. The Vets would be able to tutor and help them finish the GED in 3–6 Months. Then get them enrolled in the Tire Recycling business that the Vets, Displaced Vets will already be working the beginning.

TDF is Tire Derived Fuel, Cement kilns, wood and paper mills used this for their Energy making what they make. Our next Product would be less bugs rubber mulch that will be more of an appeal to see tires look so much better and not draw bugs like mosquitoes and other critters that bother us with whatever they carry with their presence.

For someone to change their Future I’m sure that there will be those that think they can do it all on their own and how you can tell is when they have to sit at home with that bracelet on their ankle and being housed they would get more accomplished all being in one place with a structured environment they would get further in life. All the Displace Vets are also welcomed to be housed either with or without felons present.

Future Projects are Rubberized Asphalt Driveways and Parking lots, their lot or drive would never have a pothole, will never buckle from the heat, not fall apart if underwater like our current asphalt Driveways and Parking Lots do now, and our roads. There is a lot of different uses for this stuff.


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